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Ask The Expert: I Don't Need Your Help, But I'm Curious...
Howard Was Asked:

Howard, I already took you advice and called a expert, who helped me cut my student loan payments from almost $1,000 a month to less than $200 per month. So first, thanks for that. I guess I don't need your help, but my situation got me wondering: Is there one question you get asked over and over again? What is it? My problem was student loans, but I wanted to know if some other topic dominates your day.

  -  Angela  in  South Dakota

Ask The Expert: I Don’t Need Your Help, But I’m Curious…

It’s not one topic that “dominates my day,” Angela. However, there’s a consistent similarity to most of the questions I receive.

They’re frequently about families who disagree about how to spend and save their money…

Mothers are skeptical about their sons’ auto insurance and their daughters’ online bank accountsFathers worry about their daughter’s student loans. Sons are upset at their mothers’ credit card debt. Daughters want me to convince their parents to let them buy a new car (and I usually disappoint them).

More than parents and children arguing, husbands and wives ask me for advice — most often so they can tell their spouse, “See? I was right!”

They fight over how much to save for retirement, how many credit cards they should have, and whether to get a financial adviser. They even fight over what to do with found money.

While prevalent, this isn’t surprising. has often cited studies showing money is the most heated topic among married couples. Personal finance experts like me would have a lot less to do if couples talked honestly about their views on spending and saving before they walked down the aisle.

If you ever see couples squabbling over their debts, can help them like it helped you. Tell them to call one our experts at 1-800-810-0989.

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