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Ask The Expert: What Stinks About Being The Expert?
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I've been unlucky enough to have a lot of financial problems the past couple years. Then again, I've been lucky enough to ask questions to both you and Steve Rhode at Get Out of Debt Guy — and both of you answered me! I know you get more questions than you can possibly answer, so that's at least one thing that went my way. I'm not totally out of the woods yet, but thanks to you and Mr. Rhode, I'm in a much better place financially. So it made me wonder: Every comes crying to you, doesn't that stress you out?

  -  Peter  in  Florida

Ask The Expert: What Stinks About Being The Expert?

After two decades as a personal financial consultant, author, and CPA, there aren’t many questions I haven’t heard before. Yours is definitely one, Peter.

In fact, your novel question inspired me to sit down with Steve Rhode and answer it with him. We shot this short video and discussed some of our most personal questions about personal finance…

One question you might have after watching the video: Aren’t Steve and I competitors? After all, we both run websites that specialize in helping people get out of debt.

The answer is no. As Steve has often said, there are sadly so many Americans struggling with their finances, the supply of expert advice has yet to meet the demand. In fact, Steve Rhode is an official partner, which means we help each other’s sites to reach the most amount of people — and solve the most amount of debt!

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