Must-Read Advice from Howard Dvorkin

Must-Read Advice from Howard
For more than two decades, Howard Dvorkin, CPA has directly helped Americans get out of debt. For the past five years, he's answered specific questions online. See if your question has already been asked – and if not, pose your own.
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Howard regularly contributes to major publications, such as Forbes and Entrepreneur. Explore his latest features here to learn everything from what to expect in the future of banking to Howard’s thoughts on the next recession.
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Millions of people face crushing debt every day. Howard's books focus on helping consumers overcome challenges with debt so they can balance their budget, build good credit and achieve their financial goals.
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Americans have more debt today than they’ve ever had – even at the height of the Great Recession. And the unfortunate truth is that most people were never taught how to manage their debt and maintain financial stability. Without the right information, how can American families ever reach their goals? The answer is that they can’t. People need accurate information from qualified financial experts if they want to succeed.

Providing that information is Howard’s passion and mission. He’s built his career on helping people get out of debt, achieve stability and learn to make their money work for them. As a personal finance expert, Howard uses every outlet possible to inform consumers, so they can make smarter financial choices and achieve their goals.