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Howard fields questions from everyday people struggling with different facets of their finances. He speaks about saving for college, paying off student loan debt, divorce and finances as well as many other subjects.

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Howard has appeared as a finance expert on television and radios shows such as CBS Nightly News, Fox News, CNN and more. Fortune, the New York Times and others have also asked for his thoughts on pertinent financial issues.

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Millions of people face crushing debt every day. Howard’s books provide smart strategies and powerful tools that help solve their financial issues. He gives people hope that they will regain their fiscal dignity.


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Message from Howard

Welcome to my website. From my fledgling years as a consumer finance consultant, I have been committed to helping people solve their financial problems. Along the way I’ve heard heart-breaking stories of people losing, not only their money, but everything they’ve owned. That’s what kept me going. I knew with the proper strategies, resources and tools, these people and others like them, would rise again.

Since then I have branched off into many endeavors and although I enjoy them, my focus remains on those who are in need. That’s why I also donate my time and energy to charity organizations. I love the idea of people succeeding – overcoming physical, emotional and financial distress.

With that in mind, I hope this website provides you with the information you need to succeed.