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Top money lessons novice investors wish they had learned sooner
By: Deepthi Nair
September 16, 2021
In an April survey of more than 1,000 Americans by financial adviser website, 80 per cent said they have a budget. The survey found that 88 per cent of respondents who budget managed to stay out of debt. Users are not budgeting for minor expenses such as coffee shop runs, but are instead doing so for holidays and special events before time.

Can You Pay Your Rent with a Credit Card or Venmo?
By: Dawn Allcot
September 15, 2021
Howard Dvorkin, CPA, the chairman of, says, “Paying rent with a credit card can either be profitable or dangerous, depending on your [level of financial] discipline. If you always pay your bills on time, then using a rewards card can rack up thousands of extra points per year. But if you carry a balance and sometimes forget to make timely payments, then you’ll end up paying steep interest on top of your steep rent.”

How to Fix a Bad Credit Score
Make certain to stick to, cautions Howard Dvorkin, Chairman at “Don’t Google it and click the first few links. You’ll be taken to websites that try to sell you financial services. The only place to get free credit reports is,” he says. “Everywhere else is trying to mine your data or sell you something.”
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‘They’re a wonderful tool if used wisely.’ In today’s low rate environment, should you take out a HELOC?
By: Anna-Louise Jackson
September 8, 2021
View these lines of credit as a form of emergency cash, to be used primarily for home-related expenses or other emergencies, advises Howard Dvorkin, a certified public accountant and chairman of “Having the ability to pull equity out of your house at any time you want is concerning to me.” Indeed, your home secures this loan, so if you don’t repay it, you could lose your home.

How to Keep Your Financial Planning on Track the Last Months of 2021
By: EarthyRealist
September 6, 2021
To continue where Stout left off, note that knowledge can also be free if you know where to look.’s 12-month self-improvement email course #WeKnowDebt is free of charge. The course gives Americans “a comprehensive breakdown of basic personal finance topics [including] budgeting, savings, interest rates, taxes, and good credit – just to name a few,” said Howard Dvorkin, CPA and chairman of “The course also provides support through a Facebook group for those who sign-up and have questions along the way. Each email lesson in the #WeKnowDebt course is jargon-free and comes with a unique list of resources — along with a ‘Learn this’ and ‘Do this’ section. Anyone interested in making financial literacy a year-long goal can sign up for the free, #WeKnowDebt email course.”
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4 Steps To Take If You’re Facing Eviction
By: Gabrielle Olya
September 3, 2021
If this happens, it’s important that you do not miss your court date. This is your opportunity to explain to the court why you should not be evicted. Although you don’t technically need a lawyer for this court appearance, it may be helpful to obtain the help of a professional who can help you understand your rights as a tenant and offer suggestions on how to proceed. Many cities offer free legal counsel to those who are facing eviction, according to
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