A budget is the first step to financial wellness. Here’s how to get started
By: Carmen Reinicke
October 1, 2021
The coronavirus pandemic and ensuing economic recession and recovery has made a budget more important for many Americans. Some 80% of those surveyed in 2021 have a budget, according to Debt.com, a 12% jump from 2019.
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Breaking the Bank: Sen. Warren Opposes Renomination of Fed Chair Powell
By: Yaёl Bizouati-Kennedy
September 29, 2021
Howard Dvorkin, CPA and Debt.com chairman, told GOBankingRates that you can like him or hate him, but calling Jerome Powell a dangerous man “is unsettling.” “As a CPA, I worry about such base-focused rhetoric because it distracts from our country’s real financial problems and the dispassionate math that can solve them,” Dvorkin says. “I don’t agree with everything the Fed has done over the past three decades that I’ve been a business owner and a financial counselor. But I never thought anyone in the Fed was ‘dangerous.’ Shortsighted? Sure. Bumbling? Sometimes. But dangerous? Never.”
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Inflation and Social Security Benefits
By: Sasha Jones
September 28, 2021
|NBC 6 South Florida
Howard Dvorkin, Debt.com chairman and CPA, sits down with NBC 6 South Florida to discuss how the cost-of-living adjustment will impact South Floridian's receiving Social Security benefits.
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How to Prepare for Retirement
By: Mariano Gomez
September 27, 2021
|relevant radio
Howard Dvorkin, CPA, tells relevant radio how he sees more people going into retirement with debt. Dvorkin gives his best tips to avoid to plan their retirement.
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Roommates so It's Fair for Everyone
By: Hiranmayi Srinivasan
September 24, 2021
|Real Simple
The best way to split rent is by square footage, says Howard Dvorkin, financial counselor and CPA. Get the measurements for each bedroom from your landlord, convert the area of the room into a percentage and divide it into the rent, explains Dvorkin. "Yes, this is more math than most people want to do, but just whip out your phone's calculator, do it once, and you'll never have to fight over who should pay more rent," he adds.
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How to Move on Financially Following an Eviction
By: Dawn Allcot
September 22, 2021
Howard Dvorkin, CPA, chairman of Debt.com, agrees, noting that it could be worth it to try to appeal the eviction. “The process varies by state, but at the very least, it can buy you more time. In Massachusetts, for example, you have 10 days to appeal after a court orders your eviction,” he said.
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