Americans expected to give fewer gifts this holiday season
"Consumers are going to spend as much as they did last season, but they are limiting the people they're spending on. They only have a certain amount of money, so they have to tighten that list of who they're buying presents for," said Howard Dvorkin, chairman of "Because of the increased pricing, their dollars won't go as far as they did last year."
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What the IRS’ inflation adjustments mean for your paycheck
By: Emily Bloch
October 19, 2022
|The Philadelphia Inquirer
“The IRS lowers your taxes by raising the standard deduction,” said Howard Dvorkin, CPA and chairman of “Think of it as a chunk of your money the IRS ignores. This year, the IRS will hike the standard deduction by around 7%, depending on your circumstances.”
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Bad credit can affect your mental and physical health
By: John Egan
October 14, 2022
“CPAs and doctors have one thing in common,” says CPA Howard Dvorkin, chairman of “We see the same symptoms in people. Headaches, ulcers, high blood pressure, chest pain, obesity, anxiety, depression, panic attacks. You name it, I’ve seen it.”
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Buy Now, Pay Later Payments: New Rules Consumers Should Know
By: Brian O'Connell
September 21, 2022
|The Street
Some of that speculation falls into the eye-opening Chairman Howard Dvorkin has been tracking BNPL trends since the buy now, pay later revolution broke out. Here's his outlook on what's next with BNPL.
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With Student Loan Forgiveness In Focus Thanks To New Plans To Cancel Up To $20,000, Should Medical Debt Be Next?
By: Deb Gordon
August 30, 2022
“Medical debt is often the most depressing and stressful kind, because you or a loved one just endured a health scare—only to face huge bills you can’t afford,” said Howard Dvorkin, CPA, chairman of “You’re already fragile, either physically or emotionally, and often both. Pile medical debt on top of that, and it can crush anyone’s resolve.”
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6 Ways to Manage Money Stress
By: Geoff Williams
August 29, 2022
|U.S. News & World Report
And if you feel like it’s professional financial help you need for your money stress rather than a therapist, there are free places to go for that as well, says Howard Dvorkin, a certified public accountant and chairman of the debt education website, “There’s no shortage of free assistance,” Dvorkin says. “Your bank or credit union probably offer free online budgeting tools that can help you squeeze every last dime from your income. Nonprofit credit counseling agencies ... offer you a free, in-depth debt analysis over the phone.”
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