9 ways to carry card debt responsibly in the coronavirus crisis
Use these tips to help you come out of the crisis in good financial shape
By: Barri Segal
April 14, 2020
Learn the smartest tips and tricks to manage your finances during the coronavirus outbreak. Personal finances can be overwhelming under normal circumstances, which explains the reality of relying even more on credit only now for essentials. Reassess your relationship with money and take proactive steps such as asking for a lower APR and even considering a balance transfer card to reduce debts.
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The new way to talk about money with your partner in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic
By: Anna Hecht
April 10, 2020
|CNBC Make It
Financial discussions may be difficult under normal circumstances, but during tough times it's important to be sensitive to partners without criticism. Having a money talk mid-pandemic is not ideal, but neither is the coronavirus; confront budgets together and reassess goals, as well as paying close attention to emergency funds and discussing job security. Remember to schedule check-ins to reevaluate financial strength.
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Should You Take Out a Loan to Fund Your Divorce?
By: Sheryl Nance-Nash
April 9, 2020
In the wake of self-isolation efforts to flatten the curve from the coronavirus, many couples are feeling the financial strain and stress of the pandemic. As couples emerge from quarantine, some will see it as the excuse they need to call it quits but lack the resources for a divorce. Read the fine print on the pros, cons and other alternatives associated with the monetary burdens of divorce during this crisis.
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How Should You Spend Your Stimulus Check?
Advice and guidance on how to best use your CARES Act stimulus check.
By: Geoff Williams
April 3, 2020
|US News and World Report Money
The recently signed coronavirus stimulus bill, or CARES Act, will help Americans get a portion of much-needed aid. This relief package comes at a time of financial decline and uncertainty for all. Find out how much money you can receive, when, and how to spend it wisely to get through this pandemic.
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5 factors that affect your credit score
By: Rebecca Lake
March 26, 2020
|Fox Business
Your credit score is a three-digit number that lenders use to gauge how responsible you are financially. If you're applying for a loan or line of credit, your score can play a big part in whether you get approved.
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Things To Cut Out Right Now To Save Money During the Health Crisis
Eliminate these 14 expenses from your budget.
By: Gabrielle Olya
March 25, 2020
|Go Banking Rates
The current health measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 has caused unemployment to skyrocket, highlighting how crucial it is to reduce spending and focus on saving. GOBanking Rates spoke to financial and consumer experts to get their insight on which expenses to trim during the pandemic. and has forced many businesses to close or reduce workers hours.
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