50 Inspirational Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2017
There are an incredible number of people moving and shaking the existing global business environment. Here are some of them.
By: Peter Daisyme
February 21, 2017
There are an incredible number of people moving and shaking the existing global business environment. They're doing this by disrupting industries that previously were starting to feel a bit stale to those in those industries or reliant on their products and services.
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5 Expert Ways to Manage Your Holiday Bills in the New Year
By: Ashley Macey
January 9, 2017
According to November’s TD Bank’s Merry Money Survey, 78 percent of Americans believe they overspent during the holidays, and less than half of consumers planned to pay for holiday bills as they purchased things in the months leading up to those gift-giving finales.
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Trying to Dig Out of Debt? Don't Make These Mistakes
Your plans for making things better could be making things worse
By: Geoff Williams
August 19, 2016
The single biggest mistake I've seen repeatedly in 20 years can be summed up like this: believing ridiculous get-rich-quick schemes and doubting legitimate get-out-of-debt programs.
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Got a Student Loan? Don’t Drop Out of College!
The path to career success has narrowed considerably over the past few years
By: Terri Williams
August 9, 2016
Howard Dvorkin, CPA and chairman of Debt.com, believes there’s something inherently wrong with the student loan process. “You can still be a teenager and owe tens of thousands of dollars – that’s ridiculous; rental car agencies won’t let you drive off the lot until you’re 25 because they don’t trust you with their expensive vehicle,” he says.
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Student Debt Puts a Damper on Dating After College
Ah to be young and in love! Turns out it may not be so easy when you're also young and in debt.
By: Nicole Audrey
August 7, 2016
"Let's be honest, any debt is toxic to your love life," said Howard Dvorkin, CPA and Chairman of Debt.com. "I've counseled couples on their finances for more than two decades, and I've seen debt nearly destroy their relationships — especially when one partner has a lot and the other has little or none."
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30 Money Mistakes You’re Probably Making This Summer
You certainly don’t want to be paying for those mistakes the rest of the year
By: Cameron Huddleston
July 24, 2016
Summer is a time to cut loose and have fun. But, if you’re not careful, that fun can lead to overspending, failing to keep tabs on your finances and making money mistakes due to distractions.
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