2020 and your money: 5 surprising trends in a tumultuous year for Americans and their finances
By: Russ Wiles
December 31, 2020
|USA Today
The past year has been unusual not just from a public-health standpoint, but in terms of personal money behaviors and economics. Many of the typical financial patterns that you’d expect to see in a recession year just didn’t pan out.
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Do’s and don’ts of earning an intro bonus on your holiday shopping
By: Holly Johnson
December 16, 2020
ou can earn something for yourself as you go about checking off your holiday shopping list – that is, if you pay with a rewards credit card that offers an introductory bonus. Here’s what to keep in mind if you want to earn a sign-up bonus while buying gifts.
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How to get a debt consolidation loan with bad credit
By: Aly Yale
December 14, 2020
|Fox Business
Debt consolidation loans are one way that consumers with multiple debts can start to pay off their balances. With these loans, all debts are rolled into one account, allowing borrowers to make just a single monthly payment until the balance is paid off.
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Will Getting Furloughed Hurt Your Credit Score?
It may not have a direct impact, but being furloughed can hurt your score.
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That 'Package Delivery' Text You Just Got Is Probably a Scam
By: Michael Tedder
December 4, 2020
Holiday shopping season is here, and thanks to the pandemic, we’re doing more online buying than ever before. Unfortunately, this has also led to a rise in scams designed to harvest your personal information.
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Financial expert warns of charity scams during the season of giving and throughout the year
By: Chris Worrell
December 2, 2020
With the spirit of giving in the air and multiple ongoing crises in the headlines, philanthropic individuals are increasingly being targeted by scammers.
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