Posted by: Howard Dvorkin, CPA
Date of post: June 27, 2016

The seventh scholarship winner has a superior brain but a suffering mouth.|The seventh scholarship winner has a superior brain but a suffering mouth.

When Drew Sosanya applied for the Scholarship For Aggressive Scholarship Applicants, he knew how he’d spend the money.

On a dentist.

From Drew’s application letter….

Besides remaining debt-free, I want to be able to afford dental insurance for the first time. My parents have never had enough money in their budget to afford dental insurance. I’ve actually never seen a dentist in my life. Now as I am heading to college in the next few months, I have become self-conscious about my teeth and how they affect my appearance.

He has reason to: “Currently, I am missing two molars and have a cavity in another tooth.”

So Drew says he’s applying for scholarships so he can ease his pain and improve his appearance.

Drew might be missing teeth, but he’s not missing brain cells. The 17-year-old has a 3.8 GPA at his high school in Newark, Jersey. He’s also editor of the school newspaper and runs varsity track.

He won a scholarship to Dartmouth, where he starts this fall. He wants to become an engineer for either NASA or the privately run Space X.

“I want to send humans to Mars,” he says. “That is my ultimate goal in life.”

His next most important goal is staying debt-free. While other incoming freshmen might be dreaming about college parties, Drew is already working on a college budget.

“I’ve already finished outlining my expenses for the first year of college,” he says, admitting, “I knowingly buy stupid things I don’t need, but I also plan for the future.”

That’s more financial self-awareness than I’ve seen in many people twice his age. This summer, Drew is working at his high school full-time to save money for college. But, he says, “The first thing I’m buying is an electric toothbrush.”

The next round of scholarships opens Friday. Click here for details.